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Gurgaon: The city’s drainage system, notorious for the floods it triggers during rains, is not always dysfunctional. Sometimes it’s not even there. During a recent drain cleaning operation, engineers from the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) discovered a 120-meter-long portion of a missing drain in an area adjacent to NH-8.
Obviously, no drain was laid on this section, leaving the existing line in a dead end and disconnected from the network.
However, 60 meters of the missing drain have since been constructed, with the remainder to be ready next week.
A contract agency commissioned by the GMDA is currently laying the drain along the split roads of Sectors 40 and 41, 31 and 41, and 31 and 30 and will eventually connect it to the main drain along NH-8.
The storm water main will serve the area adjacent to NH-8 near the Sector 31 flyover, which has faced waterlogging in recent years not only due to siltation of the main drain, but also the drainage main missing.
Almost three years ago, the GMDA took over the existing line, which ensures the flow of rainwater from the offices, markets, schools and hospitals in the sectors that border it, from the Haryana Shahari Vikas Pradhikaran (HSVP) who originally laid the drain.
In subsequent years, officials noted that it took “two and a half to three hours” for water to drain from the area after a period of heavy rain.
An official from the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority said in November 2021: “Almost 40-60% of the region’s drainage system is choked with dust and garbage, requiring desilting and cleaning with ‘help of high-powered super-suction cup machines’.
Subsequently, the Central Planning Cell (CPC) of the GMDA approved a proposal to carry out desilting and cleaning of the drain for Rs 57.1 lakh, which started in May this year.
“As part of our monsoon preparation efforts, we have been clearing and de-silting the drain for the past two months. However, during the work, we discovered that a 120 meter section had no drain. We therefore asked a contract agency to lay this remaining part of the drain and ensure its connection to the existing main drain along the NH48,” said a senior GMDA official.
While the rest of the drain is now clean, work to lay the missing 120 meter long drain is also nearing completion. “We have already solved the problem of waterlogging in the area with the cleaning works. There was no waterlogging in the area during recent showers. However, once the drainage is completed, it will further ensure that the area will not flood during the rains,” the official said. Earlier this month, the CEO of GMDA Sudhir Rajpal also ordered officials to speed up work, given that the monsoon season has arrived.


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