Search continues for killer of Concord, NH couple shot multiple times on hiking trail

The Reids were last seen around 2:20 p.m. on April 18 leaving the Alton Woods apartment complex where they lived for a walk on the trail, which is part of the Broken Ground Trails network in Concord, sources said. responsible. They were reported missing to police last Wednesday when Stephen Reid failed to hold a scheduled meeting with relatives, officials said.

The couple’s bodies were found on Thursday and the medical examiner concluded they both died from multiple gunshot wounds.

In a statement provided to The Globe on Monday, the Reids’ two adult children and other relatives said Stephen Reid was a Concord native who spent more than three decades working for USAID, the federal agency responsible for providing international disaster relief. His wife, Djeswende, known as Wendy, accompanied him on his agency assignments.

About three years ago the couple moved back to Concord when Stephen Reid retired, the family said.

“Steve’s more than thirty-year career as an international development specialist serving the world’s most vulnerable through USAID humanitarian projects would not have been possible without the love, care, and support support from Wendy who has also helped recently resettled refugees acclimate and thrive in the United States,” the family said in the statement.

Stephen Reid joined the Peace Corps after graduating from college and spent four years in West Africa. The couple met in Washington, DC, when Djeswende was in the area attending college on an athletic scholarship, the family said.

“They bonded over their mutual love of adventure and fitness,” the family said.

In a post on his Instagram account about the missing couple, Concord Police captioned the statement with: “Have you seen the Reids?” Then, last Thursday, the question became “Who killed the Reids?” after their bodies were found off the popular hiking trail.

“This is a tragedy. This is something that came out of nowhere,” Concord Deputy Chief of Police John Thomas said last week. “We are doing our due diligence, investing all of our resources in working with our state and local partners to bring this case to a successful resolution.”

In the missing persons station, Concord police said the couple’s vehicles were ‘parked in their usual place’ and there was ‘no known medical history or domestic violence for either people”. None of the Reids owned a firearm, police said, but they were known to frequently walk along the trails near their home.

“Their absence and lack of communication with family/friends is uncharacteristic and their disappearance is very concerning,” police said last Wednesday, before the bodies were found.

Following the discovery of the slain couple, authorities said they did not believe there was an ongoing threat to public safety, but also warned residents to be vigilant. Police were also to step up patrols near hiking trails, officials said on Friday.

A Formella spokesperson said Monday the investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made. No motive has been publicly identified in the killings.

In their statement, the family expressed their gratitude to law enforcement for their “extraordinary efforts over the past week in the investigation into the deaths of our loved ones…We ask for your support in providing any information that would be helpful to the ongoing investigation.”

The couple lived in the Alton Woods apartment complex where several residents said on Saturday they frequented the Broken Ground Trails, but in the wake of the murders they are less willing to do so.

“That they’ve been shot multiple times is what’s really scary,” said Conny Von Nordsiek, 73, who lives in the apartment complex. “These two elderly people on a hike, killed for no reason in what reminds you of an inter-gang shootout. I’m older and it makes me think twice about walking there.

Von Nordsiek said she often walked the trails with her dog, who accompanied her on a walk inside the resort on Saturday.

“Notice, we’re not walking there today,” she said.

This is a developing story and will be updated. Information from previous Globe coverage has been used in this report.

Globe staff Jeremiah Manion and Globe correspondent Andrew Brinker contributed to this report.

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