Rush-hour chaos after a person was taken to hospital following a medical incident on the Newcastle Underground

There have been delays to rush hour Tube services after a train was stopped following a medical incident involving a passenger in Newcastle.

A train was held up on the Tyne and Wear Underground at West Jesmond station for around 15 minutes, with customers being asked to get off the carriage while a passenger received further medical treatment.

Nexus Tube operators have confirmed there have been delays to peak hour services to Newcastle city center as the train is held up at the station until an ambulance arrives.

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North East Ambulance Service emergency crews arrived at the scene and later transported the victim to hospital.

As it stands, the person’s condition is unknown.

A North East Ambulance Service spokesperson confirmed their presence and said: “We were called to a medical incident on the Tube at West Jesmond station at 8.44am this morning.

“We dispatched a team of paramedics and transported a patient to the RVI.”

A Nexus spokesperson said: ‘There was a medical emergency on board an Underground train in West Jesmond this morning which required us to hold the train at the station until a ambulance.

“The person who was ill was then taken to hospital by the North East Ambulance Service.

“The incident caused delays to peak hour services to Newcastle city centre. The train was held up at West Jesmond for around 15 minutes. Customers were asked to leave the car while the person was receiving treatment on board.

“We thank customers for their patience during this incident.”

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