Number of Delta Variants Cases, Hospitalizations Rising in Kansas City Area

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Although well below pandemic peaks, the delta variant continues to spread among the unvaccinated and immunocompromised.

The total number of cases in Jackson County is up 47% from last week. In Kansas City, the total cases have increased by nearly 70%, according to data released Monday on the Missouri COVID Dashboard.

Hospitals are not overwhelmed but hospitalizations are on the rise statewide. According to the most recent figures, statewide, around 1,260 people are being treated in hospitals for COVID-19. A third of them are in intensive care.

There are similar trends in Kansas.

“Yeah, we’ve watched that over the weekend and we’ve seen a steady increase,” said Lance Williamson, RN for the University of Kansas Health System.

The number of COVID-19 cases has skyrocketed from its low in late spring. As of Monday, 54 people were staying at a KU health system hospital receiving treatment for COVID-19, 13 of those patients were in intensive care.

“You know, I think if we see things getting more dangerous for people who are even fully vaccinated, depending on what we find of the delta variant. Next week might be even less certain than next week,” he said. said Williamson.

Kansas state is also tracking 125 confirmed cases of the delta variant in Johnson County, 12 more than figures released three days ago. Wyandotte County has increased by 21 cases in the delta variant over the same period.

“Last year this variant, for every infected person, that person infected 2 to 3 people. For delta, for every infected person, it appears they can infect 6-8 more people, ”said Elizabeth Holzschuh, epidemiologist at the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment (JCHDE).

“If we don’t have the vaccines in the arms of as many people as possible, if you don’t take the public health intervention of wearing a mask, we are giving the virus an opportunity to mutate. So keep these things in mind, ”said Sanmi Areola, director of JCHDE.

The discussion over public health orders and mask warrants has intensified over the past week and according to health officials in Kansas, the number of cases may ultimately force a breaking point.

“It changes from week to week and I think states, counties and local governments are going to need to carefully review their community’s numbers and make changes as needed,” Williamson said.

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