November Questions and Answers on Your Mind During the Loan Process

During the month of November this week, we’ve divided our Friday lists into questions you might have on your credit process. While 26 questions were asked in November, the most frequently asked category was Land Registry / Expertise.

The platform, which has more than 1000 credit process problems, is on the way to becoming an important resource for consumers using credit. On the other hand, we can say that consumer awareness is raised through the questions asked and the answers given by our experts to these questions. Here are the top questions of November:

Is the Mortgage Fee charged by the Banks Legal?


On your website, Nazım Adaklı dated July 26, 2013, İ THAT MUST BE KNOWN ABOUT THE FOLLOW-UP FEE FEES ““ has agreed to remove 5 of the commissions and fees applied by banks in obtaining loans. One of them is called Mortgage Fee. ”

My question; what is the legal basis for this? Is it legal? According to which article of the BRSA entered into force? Because this, for the fek letter, one of the bank wants me 350,00 TL money. I can also object to this and this decision and the change of regulation so that I can appeal. I’d appreciate it if you could write me this change.

Can I get a housing loan for my own home?

Can I get a housing loan for my own home?

We aspired to a house we liked very much for my daughter and we agreed. We applied for a bank loan, but the survey revealed that there was an error in the municipal numeration. To correct this, the owner of the 9 villas on that island should apply to the municipality together.

There is no problem in the Bund, but we do not have time to wait for business and transactions to be concluded. Can I get a mortgage for my daughter by mortgaging my own house? What is the attitude of banks? Couldn’t he have gotten the guarantee he wanted? I’d appreciate it if you answered in a short time. Thank you.

Can I increase the amount of credit in the configuration?

If I close today, I owe $ 30,000 home and I have 8 years left. I want to move this to another bank, but I need another 35,000 TL. Can I withdraw from the other bank 30 thousand 65 thousand while carrying this loan again under the name of housing loans? Thank you.

What is Income Tax?

In 2010, the house I bought with a bank loan to 40,000 TL (does not write on the deed), this week I will sell to 96,000 TL. This is our only home. What is income tax? How many pounds is shown if there is no tax and non-tax amount when we show a penalty later, how to follow and in what way?

Can I withdraw credit for my wife’s house?

My wife housewife bought the house with a variable rate of interest. What should I do to withdraw credit and make a fixed rate? My wife can’t withdraw credit, can I withdraw credit for this house?

Will my wife take out a loan?

I already owe two banks, now I paid my debt. There’s no mortgage on my behalf. Is it on my wife? So far, he has no debts, no cards. How about we take out a loan on his behalf?