No serotonin-depression link? TMS OK for anxious depression; Phase III victory in AUD?

Are low serotonin levels really to blame for depression? Probably not, according to a general review of 17 studies. (Molecular psychiatry)

There was no increase in methadone-related overdose deaths in March 2020 following the implementation of take-home doses of methadone in pandemic-era opioid treatment programs. However, there was a spike in the total number of drug overdose deaths around this time, largely due to fentanyl. (JAMA Psychiatry)

The NeuroStar transcranial magnetic stimulation system has been granted a new indication and is now cleared for anxiety depression, Neuronetics announced.

Researchers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have created a new algorithm to analyze children with only attention deficit hyperactivity disorder versus those with comorbidities, hoping to steer the two groups towards more targeted treatment options.

An experimental treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD) failed to significantly reduce heavy drinking days in the Phase III ONWARD trial, Adial Pharmaceuticals announced, but the company boasts a 79% reduction in alcohol consumption from baseline among the subgroup of heavy drinkers.

The UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has published updated guidelines for the management of depression in adults. Some updates include avoiding antidepressants as first-line therapy for milder cases and using a tapering schedule when stopping antidepressants. (The BMJ)

The FDA has granted Breakthrough Device Designation to Roche’s minimally invasive blood detector for Alzheimer’s disease, the Elecsys Amyloid Plasma Panel.

A large number of employees of the psychiatric ward at the Metropolitan Hospital in Harlem recently resigned due to allegedly violent working conditions. (gothamist)

Correction: An earlier version implied that the ONWARD trial met its primary endpoint.

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