New video from Jan.6 shows three hours of assault on police

The assault on Lower West Terrace was one of the most violent confrontations between the Capitol Police and the mob. Officers held the line until the building was cleared without letting rioters in. Some officers have since said they were unaware the Capitol had already been breached in other areas.

The video, taken from a Capitol Hill security camera, has no sound. It begins when the officers retreat, helping each other as they stumble inside and wash their eyes with chemical spray water. Rioters crowd behind them, coordinating efforts to attack and break through in infamous moments that have haunted the public and officers since then.

The Justice Department released the videos after CNN and other outlets sued for access. This is the longest video of the riot released by the government to date.

Once rioters invaded the platform built for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, each officer retreated into the tunnel to take up position, firing projectiles at the rioters as they began to enter. Members of the crowd climbed on top of each other, brandishing fists and sticks in the direction of the police. Brawls erupted throughout the assault, with rioters punching and kicking frontline officers.

Inside the tunnel, rioters pushed the police back further, hitting them with flag poles and hitting them with a baton, spraying pepper spray, taking riot shields and crushing an officer in a doorway while banging against walls and clapping as they filmed the assault on their phones.
Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone was pulled from the police line and into the crowd by a rioter with his arm around his neck. The video shows Fanone finally falling and disappearing into the mass of rioters, where he said he was punched in the neck, beaten with a pole and heard rioters shout “kill him with his own gun”. Fanone said he suffered a heart attack and lost consciousness during the attack.

Police were able to push the rioters to the edge of the tunnel entrance more than half an hour after the assault began, using pepper spray and their batons against the crowd. Yet after a long standoff with the police, the rioters launched a second attack on the row of officers.

At the entrance to the tunnel, Rosanne Boyland, a rioter and QAnon supporter, was lying on the ground. She had died of an accidental overdose, according to DC’s chief medical examiner. Heeding the cry for help from his friends, prosecutors said two police officers rushed into the crowd to help Boyland.
The two officers were run over and dragged into the crowd where they were brutally beaten with an upside down American flag and other weapons. The attack landed one officer in the hospital with staples in his head to stop the bleeding, and the other with facial and shoulder injuries according to court documents.

Weapons used by rioters

During the grueling attack, the rioters not only used weapons but everything they could get their hands on the police, hitting them with metal poles, throwing furniture and a loudspeaker, spraying a fire extinguisher. and pepper spray, using crutches to hit the police and assaulting the police with punches and kicks.

The rioters also used items taken from the police, including riot shields which they continued to pass through their ranks to push against the police, and batons with which they assaulted the police. At one point in the video, a person can even be seen throwing fireworks at the line of officers.


Prosecutors have arrested and charged dozens of rioters for their role in the gruesome battle inside the Lower West Terrace tunnel.

Robert Morss, who prosecutors say intended to start his own militia, is being held until trial after a judge criticized him for using his ranger training to help organize and lead the crowd inside the tunnel. Morss is charged with eight other men, including Patrick McCaughey, who was captured in a viral video crushing Metropolitan Police Officer Daniel Hodges in a doorway, and Federico Klein, a former Trump State Department official. All nine have pleaded not guilty.
Albuquerque Head, who is believed to have dragged Fanone into the crowd, has also been charged in the attack. The same goes for Daniel Rodriguez, who, according to prosecutors, has tased Fanone in the neck. They too have pleaded not guilty.
Jeffrey Sabol, Jack Whitton and Ronald McAbee are part of an indictment along with six other rioters who allegedly worked together to drag officers into the crowd. Whitton then bragged to friends, saying that “I gave it to people to eat,” referring to the officer, according to court documents. They have not yet filed a formal plea.
Two of the defendants who were part of the tunnel scene have already been convicted. Devlyn Thompson, who admitted to throwing a loudspeaker at police officers and hitting a police officer in the hand with a baton, was sentenced to almost four years in prison. Robert Palmer, who used a fire extinguisher, a plank of wood and a pole to attack the police, was sentenced to more than five years in prison. Both pleaded guilty to assault with a dangerous weapon.

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