Miller Outdoor Theater changes online ticketing


Miller Outdoor Theater has changed its online ticketing system. (Courtesy of the Miller Outdoor Theater)

The Miller Outdoor Theater will soon be making changes to its online ticketing system for the benefit of its customers.

Starting July 7, the theater will make its online tickets available on its website two days before a performance, according to a June 30 press release.

Tickets are currently available seven days before a performance, and the system has made it difficult for customers to secure tickets online for the theater’s covered seats, which sell out minutes after they become available, the statement said.

Also, some of the customers who got these tickets a week ago did not show up. The hope is that by making these tickets available two days before a performance, more people will be sure to be able to attend.

The ticket changes come after Miller Outdoor Theater announced it will be bringing back in-person performances as part of its 98th season, which began May 1.

As part of the announcement, the theater has adopted an online ticketing process to provide an added measure of security and improve the overall process.

For more information on tickets and performances, visit the Miller Outdoor Theater website.


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