Loan and Credit smaller private loans

Loan and Credit is one of the lenders who has chosen to focus on the slightly smaller private loans. It lends out the same amount as several of the micro-loan companies do, but the difference is that you borrow the money here for a longer period.

The possible amount to borrow is between USD 3,000 – 15,000. Here you can freely choose how much you want to borrow as long as there are even thousands. The term of the loan is also decided by yourself and the choice here is at 1 – 5 years.

The loan itself is quite straightforward


Really as you borrow a smaller amount and then make a repayment each month. Since it is the question of a smaller private loan that is a loan without collateral, the interest rate will be quite high.

These smaller private loans usually have a high interest rate level. All costs that come with the loan are interest expense which means you can deduct this entire amount.

One tip for applying for a loan at Loan and Credit is to use your Bank ID. It is then faster and easier to borrow money. If you choose to borrow without it, you will need to sign paper to be sent by letter, which will take a few days. Using Bank ID, you can sign those documents directly instead and save those days.

Free month

Free month

If you feel that you want to postpone the payment at some point, Loan and Credit offers two free months each year.

What applies to these is that it must not be the first month after you have taken out the loan and that it must also be four months between the occasions. What happens is that the interest rate for this month is put on the debt and the loan itself is extended by one month.

Extend the loan

If you have not borrowed a maximum of USD 15,000, you can extend the loan to just this amount or any other less if you wish. This means that if you have borrowed USD 4,000 since before, you can increase the loan by USD 1,000 – 11,000.

Who can borrow from Loan and Credit?

Who can borrow from Loan and Credit?

To borrow some money you have to fulfill some basic conditions. For example, you should be at least 20 years old or fill it during this year. When it comes to income, Loan and Credit does not set exact rules for exact amount of income. What the rules say is that there must be an income in the form of jobs, business activities, pensions or social security.

Their rules for payment remarks are that it is possible to get a loan if there are such registered. What should not, however, be a debt balance at Good Finance. All such must be refunded before an application is submitted.