Little Falls man faces charges in car crash on Christmas Day

AVON – A Little Falls man faces charges after allegedly crashing his vehicle into another while driving on Interstate-94 on Christmas Day.

Stearns County District Court records show he’s 34 Kevin Desmet-Grosclose faces four counts of second degree assault with a lethal weapon.

According to the criminal complaint, officers responded to an accident on Interstate-94 near Avon shortly before 1:00 a.m. on Saturday. Authorities say on arrival they found Desmet-Groseclose sitting in a black pickup and two adults and two children in a blue SUV. The complaint says the driver of the SUV told authorities he was heading east on the freeway when the truck pulled up behind them, turned on its lights and pulled into the other lane.

The driver of the SUV accelerated away from the truck, but said the driver of the truck also accelerated and crashed into the driver’s side of the SUV. According to the complaint, the truck passed by when the SUV came to a stop, but turned around and headed straight for the SUV. The driver of the SUV continued east and was able to avoid a second collision before coming to a stop again.

This time, authorities say Desmet-Groseclose got out of his vehicle and hit the windows of the SUV with a can of soft drink while screaming. Officers say when they spoke to him he sounded manic and was talking about his daughters missing and possibly his kidnapping.

Authorities say he calmed down later and remembered little of what happened. He will make his first court appearance in January.

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