How to Recover Your Valuable and Lost Items from Metro-North

So it’s been a while since you took a train to or from New York, did you forget to do something small like check your surroundings before getting off the train?

Have you ever left anything of value, whether monetary or sentimental, on the train?

What do you do if you leave something on Metro-North?

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Well, first thing, don’t feel bad about accidentally forgetting something on the train, you’re not alone. According to mta.infomore than 20,000 objects are left behind by travelers over the course of a year.

So what’s the first step to take when you want to attempt to recover that item from Metro-North?

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Although there is no guarantee that you will actually get your item back, if you do what Metro-North asks of everyone in your situation, there is some hope for you.

Although Metro-North cannot radio the train to see if your item is there, what can they do?

Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

The first step would be to go ahead and complete an online report, giving as much information as possible about your item, time left on the train, day and even the train number.

How long can this potential search take place, the “search for your missing object?” »

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You can expect the investigation of your lost item to take 7-10 business days and if your item is located you will be contacted by Metro-North to find out where you can pick up the item. Good luck in your search. Next time, take a minute to look around before getting off the train.

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