Friends find out they have the same anniversary and the same wedding anniversary

Justine and Sarah were born in the same hospital on the same day, have the same wedding anniversaries, and are the same height (Photos: PA Real Life)

Two close friends who discovered they were unwittingly living parallel lives after meeting wild swimmers, celebrated their joint wedding anniversaries in a typically extravagant fashion.

Dental nurse Justine Edge and hairstylist Sarah Warburg became friends in January when they met through wild swimming group Cleveleys Crazies.

Both 47, they discovered that not only were they both born on April 4, 1974, but they had given birth just five hours apart at Glenroyd Maternity Hospital in Blackpool, Lancashire.

They also each have two children with their husbands – Andrew Edge, 47, who runs a dog-sitting service and Brian Warburg, 48, an audiologist – and both celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in August, one week away. interval.

“We were discussing our age and found out that not only were we born on the same day five hours apart, but we were also born in the same hospital,” Justine explains.

“We had so much in common. We were both moms of two, we both live on the Fylde Coast and both are even the same height – just 4ft 11in.

The Brides Together (PA Real Life / Nicola Lewis-Dixon).

The brides head to the ocean (Photo: PA Real Life / Nicola Lewis-Dixon)

“Then when I mentioned that my 25th birthday was coming in August, I couldn’t help but laugh when Sarah said it was hers too.

“We got married the same month, a week apart. It was amazing that we have so much in common. There have been so many frightening coincidences.

And when Justine decided to celebrate her 25th birthday by running into the ocean in her wedding dress, Sarah couldn’t wait to join her.

“It was incredible,” said Justine. “Breaking the elements in the original dresses we wore 25 years ago was fantastic. We both love wild swimming so that made perfect sense.

Justine and Andrew in the Sea (PA Real Life / Ashley Barnard).

Justine and Andrew: “I forgot my wedding dress until I found it stuffed under the bed” (Photo: PA Real Life / Ashley Barnard)

Sarah and Brian kissing in the sea (PA Real Life / Ashley Barnard).

Sarah and Brian: “He’s so supportive of me and it was a lot of fun” (Photo: PA Real Life / Ashley Barnard)

A fan of wild swimming for six years, Justine joined the Crazies in January 2021.

“I was taking a dip in the sea, where you run into the sea to raise money for charity on New Years Day,” she says.

“Then I saw this group of women swimming in the sea and I asked them what they were doing. They belonged to the Cleveleys Crazies, and since you could swim during confinement, they went to the icy sea every day.

“I bought a wetsuit a few days later and started to find myself swimming too. It was amazing for my sanity. When my head touched the icy water, I felt completely refreshed.

She quickly befriended Sarah, who had joined the group in November 2020 and as they got to know each other their parallel lives were revealed.

When Justine was just 15 when she met Andrew in high school and they became a couple, they married on August 31, 1996 and had two daughters, Caitlyn, 21, a manager of ‘floor, and Bethany, 17. a full-time student.

Meanwhile, Sarah met Brian on a three-legged pub crawl in 1993, when she was the most-a-friend at her work party.

Sarah and Brian on the wedding day in August 1996 (PA Real Life / Jeff Walker).

Sarah and Brian on their wedding day in August 1996 (Photo: PA Real Life / Jeff Walker)

They married on August 24, 1996 and have two sons, Oliver, 22, an optical assistant, and Harry, 19, a full-time student.

When women decided to rock the waves in their wedding dresses to mark their silver birthdays, their husbands were happy to follow suit.

“I forgot my wedding dress until I found it tucked under the bed,” Justine says.

“I had seen a few photos of couples swimming wild on their anniversary and decided I really wanted to swim with Andrew in my wedding dress on the 25th.

Justine and Andrew on their wedding day in 1996 (Collect / PA Real Life).

Justine and Andrew on their wedding day in 1996 (Photo: PA Real Life)

“I enthusiastically told Sarah about my celebration plans and she loved the idea, especially since she still had her wedding dress on.

“It seemed crazy not to do it together, so we planned to swim on August 12, because the weather was supposed to be better.”

So, both women donned their ’90s wedding dresses, while their husbands wore evening suits they already owned, and the quartet went to the beach – running into the cold sea to celebrate a quarter of a century. of marriage.

While Brian also embraced the idea, it took on a bit more conviction, according to Sarah.

Justine and Sarah swimming together (Collect / PA Real Life).

Justine and Sarah swimming together (Photo: PA Real Life)

“Brian is not a good swimmer,” she explains.

“But, although he was a little nervous about the water, he was completely on board with the anniversary dive. He is so supportive of me and it was a lot of fun – even though he made me promise not to go above the knee.

Before the pandemic, Sarah had already imagined original plans for her milestone birthday.

“We were supposed to renew our vows in Las Vegas but, because of Covid, our plan could not go forward,” she said.

“I was so excited to go swimming in my wedding dress. I take it out every now and then to do silly things like vacuuming.

“I wore it all the time when my sons were little. They would say, “Mum is a princess.

“Fortunately, since our bath, my dress came out of the sparkling wash too. “

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