Cultural communities come together to celebrate honored life and traditions

What is most admirable about the members of cultural communities is their determination to preserve, transmit, maintain and reinforce the hold and relevance of their age-old practices and traditions that defy the onslaught of modernization and technology, even the pandemic.

This is, I believe, why the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), through the Sub-Committee on Cultural Communities and Traditional Arts (SCCTA), is leading the celebration of the Month National Indigenous Peoples (IP).

Filipino song icon Joey Ayala

With its theme “Pagtataguyod ng Pamayanang Kultural para sa Isang Matatag na Pilipinas”, Intellectual Property Month, which takes place this month, focuses on the important role of cultural communities and how they have dealt with the pandemic. of COVID-19 while protecting the intangible of communities. cultural heritage (ICH) and their strategies for moving forward.

Intellectual Property Month is celebrated in accordance with Presidential Proclamation 1906, s. 2009, declaring October National Indigenous Peoples Month, mandates the recognition and protection of the rights of Indigenous Cultural Communities (ICCs)/IPs.

One of the most anticipated and celebrated occasions in the celebration of IP month is the most anticipated and celebrated Dayaw festival. It happens in different parts of the country and highlights the beauty, creativity, color, flavor, relevance and power of our brothers and sisters in the cultural community. The National Capital Region is at the center of this year’s in-person festivities at the Metropolitan Theater on October 23 and 24.

More than 300 representatives of PIs from cultural communities in the North, Center and South meet to exchange performances of music, dance and oral tradition; sharing stories of best practices in safeguarding ICH and sharing embodied cultural values ​​in their responses to the current crisis.

What we can expect from the festival is Dayaw, a “patikim” and a “payanig” which happened recently at the Open Air Auditorium in Rizal Park.

The most memorable performances on a beautiful Sunday evening were the muscular men and graceful women of the Kalinga Bodong Dance Troupe who impressed with their physique, precision and synchronicity as they turned their daily activities into dances. The “Binalog” of the Panay Bukidnon community of Calinog, Iloilo, and the Manobo Talaandig group of Mindanao presented versions of the dance whose inspiration is the hawk, therefore the bird movements in the dance were the more important.

Another highlight of the show was the Pusaka sa Maguindanao with the “kulintang” and its players showcased their musical dexterity. TheBanda Kawayan Pilipinas were a wonder to watch as they played multiple bamboo instruments – like kumintang, ang klung and flute – in an effortless manner with a repertoire of Ilocano folk songs such as “Ti Ayat Maysa Nga Ubing” and “Pamulinawen”. ”

The men of the Kalinga Bodong Dance Troupe impress the audience with their physique, precision and synchronicity

The teaser ended with singing icon Joey Ayala and Bagong Lumad performing their unforgettable anthem “Karniwang Tao.”

Some of the most prominent personalities who attended the kick off of Dayaw were NCCA Executive Director Oscar Casaysay, Dr. Abubacar Datumanong, PhD, Commissioner for Cultural Communities and Traditional Arts/and Head of the National Communities Committee Cultural Communities of the South, Pablito Gonzales, Deputy Chief and Chief, National Committee on Central Cultural Communities, Edwin Antonio, PhD, Secretary and Chief, National Committee on Northern Cultural Communities, and Jennifer Sinug-las of the Central NCIP office. Mindanao.

After two years of virtual gathering, this year’s IP Month celebration, in addition to the Dayaw Festival, will also include an online capacity building training workshop.

and the exhibition Schools of Living Traditions.

For more details on this event, please contact the SCCTA Secretariat via [email protected]

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