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CHENNAI: Days after a corporate playground closed for the construction of Metro Rail, part of the YMCA’s playground on Royapettah High Road was barricaded for the construction of the underground metro station of the Royapettah hospital.
In a few days, part of the land inside the Royapettah government hospital, across the road, will also be barricaded. Royapettah Hospital Station is part of Corridor 3 of Phase 2 from Madhavaram to Siruseri Sipcot. Phase 2 of 118.9 km is expected to be ready by 2026.
Last week, a JCB was busy clearing debris from the YMCA grounds after demolishing a building, even as children were seen practicing cricket in the nets on one side of the pitch and archery in the ‘other. There were also visitors inquiring about the commotion. “The entry / exit point for the station would be built here with stairs, escalators and elevators. Ventilation shafts would also come on site, ”said a site official.
According to the detailed report of the phase 2 project, the station is expected to rise to a depth of 15 m. CMRL officials declared that they had acquired 239 m² on a permanent basis and 415 m² on a temporary basis. Royapettah Hospital Station will have Thousand Lights East Station and Radhakrishnan Salai Junction on either side. A YMCA official said CMRL had permanently acquired 2,500 square feet of land from them to build part of the station. The playground which has been in existence since 1920 and spans 2.16 lakh square feet. It has been a training space for various sports for children including cricket, archery, tennis, table tennis, karate and taekwondo.
In recent years, the land has also been regularly rented for political meetings and exhibitions. “The contractor asked us for a bit more space to use during construction, but our board refused because we didn’t want our athletic training affected,” the manager said. “But we donated part of the land where there were buildings because it is a utility facility and it will be a great benefit for our members training here and for other visitors once the station will be open, “he added.
Motorists may scramble to find space in the already busy Royapettah High Road as the outside walls of the station will be built in the middle of the road and this may involve barricading parts of the road when construction is underway. In progress. “We could start barricading part of the government hospital from next week. We have already prepared a parking lot for the hospital in the nearby children’s hospital, because we will be taking over the parking lot for the hospital, ”an official said.

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