Car loans and bad credit -Best car loan lenders for bad credit: Online Application

The best car loan is not to be taken lightly because there can be several hundred USD of difference from one organization to another.  In the same way that one goes around the market to find the best car, it is also necessary to go around the market to find a cheap car loan. And avoid the traps of sellers and “abusive” promotions.

Best car loan lenders for bad credit: Easy Online Application

To find the best car loan for bad credit, you may use our site.

We have developed this method to avoid simply being “informed” of who offers the best car loan but to know what rate everyone can actually get based on their file and their request for car credit.

The key advantage of this auto credit questionnaire is that it increases the chances of actually getting the best auto credit. Indeed, it is not uncommon for organizations to be extremely watchful when they offer the lowest rates. If they agree to lose their margin on the car loan rate, it is not to lose everything by taking too much risk on the acceptance of files, hence a risk of rejection on files.

Their other method to be wary of is to change the rates they show on advance credit offers and those posted initially. It is completely legal and allowed by the law on the consumer credit they adapt the rate to the client’s risk profile. However, it is essential to check the rate indicated on the prior offer that will be received.

This is why we advise our customers to question at least 2 credit organizations. This first step is not engaging but decisive for obtaining the best car credit.

Best car loan in concession?

Best car loan in concession?

Would the best car loan be offered in dealerships? On average the answer is no. But it’s good on average. A few weeks a year, the best car loan can be found in dealerships. Normally, you can’t miss it because the manufacturers do a lot of communication and publicity at that time. And they can even offer fixed 0% APR auto loan offers.

But during these promotional credit deals, the discounts on the vehicles are much less in general because the dealers cannot afford to lose on all their margins. So there is a chance that the whole operation will cost more. Be careful.

Finally, the rest of the year, that is to say, 90% of the time, the best car loan is offered mainly by the major banking organizations.

Negotiate the best car loan

However, if you decide to go to a dealership and the seller offers you a credit, we advise you to prepare your negotiations well. It could not be easier.

First, you have to get the best offer from the largest credit organizations through our comparison of the best car loans. You will receive a prior credit offer by post and or by email. This offer is not binding on the client until he has signed it and returned his file.

On the other hand, this offer of the best car loan rate will be a real asset vis-à-vis the dealer. By presenting the offer to the seller, you are the one leading the negotiation. Either it can make a better rate, or you already have the best car credit in your hands !!

And if you go to multi-brand dealerships and they offer you Vixen-type credits, for example, the reasoning is exactly the same! And it is obviously the same thing for those who think they can get an interesting proposal from their banker (which is quite rare).

Best Used Car Credit

Best Used Car Credit

To find the best used car loan, it’s very simple, just use our simulator by choosing “Used car loan + 2 years”.

Best used car loan

When you buy a used car from a private individual, whether it is an acquaintance or through a car advertising site between private individuals like or, there is not too much competition.

In fact, only banks and credit organizations are in competition. And it seems impossible for us to find the best used car loan in a bank. Not only because they are not already very competitive in consumer credit (you generally have to be already a customer of the bank and often be a good customer) but in addition for a used car loan.

Best Used Car Dealer Credit

As much for the sale between private individuals, no chance that a person who sells his car offers you a credit, as much a garage owner can do it. How do you know if this is the best-used car loan in this case?

In general, a dealer will not have the best auto credit because it is an additional intermediary in the credit company and the customer. And generally, this intermediary is remunerated. So you have to find the money somewhere and it is very often the client rate that suffers. And in particular the rate of a used car loan. But to be sure, just use our comparator and see for yourself if the concessionary credit is cheaper than the best rates in our comparator.

The best car loan is on Sir Credit?

The best car loan is on Capitaine Crédit?

Sir Credit was created for the sole purpose of comparing the best rates from the largest credit organizations to simplify the search for the best auto, work, and personal loan loans. Indeed, to compare a credit, there is nothing simpler, it is enough to find the best rate taeg and to be accepted.

But beware! Do not rely on any credit comparator. Indeed, the vast majority of our competitors will not offer the best car credit. The classification generally does not present any rate. And if there isn’t one, it’s that the only thing that interests them is the commission they’ll receive from the credit organizations! Do not trust anyone !! Absolutely check the rates, it is the only way to be sure to get the best auto credit.

We had also explained it exclusively to carplus who took us back in his article on auto credit comparators but they just forgot to specify that not everyone was in the same basket !!

Best car loan: the proof

Best car loan: the proof

Beyond the talk, nothing beats a good example to show what can be the best car loan. If we take the most common example when it comes to applying for a car loan, that is to say a loan of 15,000 USD over 60 months, this is what it looks like:

Best car loan rate: 3.00% monthly payment: 269.26 USD cost of credit: 1155.60 USD
Most expensive credit rate: 6.39% monthly payment: 291.46 USD cost of credit: 2487.60 USD

The best car loan costs almost 2 times cheaper than the most expensive rate !!! Are you ready to pay 1400 USD more for the exact same thing !! ?? And do not imagine that we have gone far to find the most expensive credit. This brand is very well known! So if you want the best auto loan, don’t rely on advertisements and compare!