Bursa Hospital Metro Construction Continues, Legal Proceeding Ends

Bursa Hospital Metro Construction Continues, Legal Proceeding Ends

We also remember… On the evening of October 1, 2021, Stock Exchange ‘I Labor’and city ​​hospitalwhich will extend the metro line, so City Hospital Metro Everything was ready when the news arrived that its tender had been cancelled.


Board of state’The preparations which began with the second call for tenders after the decision to cancel Mudanya Road’the day of the digging Administrative Court It was a surprise that he stopped.


the contracting company, Davut Gürkan, provincial chairman of the AK partyof « 1 month of legal deadline for the realization of the essential works » said work slow paced continued.

In this process…

Ulastırma Bakanlığı also local Administrative Court decision Board of state’The companies that caused the cancellation of the second tender Board of state’a withdraw their complaints. On December 28, we announced it from these columns.

we talked Ankara’friends in legal obstacle is not left out, back-to-work They said the letter would be sent very soon, so we forwarded it.

Yesterday morning…

To start up ‘behind in the open field We have changed the way we see the work in progress.

We saw that…

Work continues at an ever-increasing pace behind the site set up by the contractor.


To start up ‘the path of Almond’ is Haskoy’to the point of intersection with the road leading to backfilling work do.

From there Or

city ​​hospitalto the hill where open the field It is as if a road had been created.

As for the newspaper Ankara’call friends in The latest status we asked.

They said:

“When the companies opposed to the call for tenders withdrew their complaints, the case before the Council of State was closed. However, the administrative court having pronounced the annulment decision, the Council of State forwarded its decision to the local court. This process is completed today-tomorrow.


First, when we saw that the pace of work in the open field was increasing; then Ankara’listen to friends in City Hospital Metro We are happy for you again.

We hope there will be no more problems.

Can’t there be an underground drilling tunnel like a tunnel above a road?

To start up ‘ta… In the area from the TGV station and up the hill City Hospital Metro Looking at his work, we thought:

In this region, road above the tunnel will be and Mudanya Road, Bademli, Gate, Balat’so city ​​hospitalnor will a highway be obtained.

Like that…

Mudanya Road’also work in in the tunnel drilled under the road It would be better to continue. As it all begins again eligible for the first call for tenders could become.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz / Event

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