AT&T’s new 5 gigabyte and 2 gigabyte fiber optic internet is here, starting at $110 a month

AT&T is rolling out 2 Gbps and 5 Gbps speed tiers for its fiber optic internet option. The company announced the launch of its Life Gigified event, where it said new and existing AT&T Fiber customers will soon be able to take advantage of these multi-gig connections.

If you don’t know what multi-gig is, it means a single connection that offers speeds over 1 Gbps. And since it’s a fiber optic connection, that speed goes both ways. “It’s symmetrical; your upload and download speeds are the same. Chris Sambar, executive vice president of technology operations for AT&T, said in an interview with The edge.

AT&T’s new multi-gig speeds require Wi-Fi 6 for “optimal” performance, which means you’ll probably want to upgrade your router. But Sambar said The edge it will provide customers with its BGW320 multi-gig and Wi-Fi 6 gateway when you sign up for its fiber optic service, so you won’t have to buy new equipment. AT&T could possibly offer even faster speeds; the company claims to have achieved speeds of 10 Gbps in a lab environment.

The 2 Gbps plan will cost $110/month, while the 5 Gbps plan will cost $180/month. Business plans will cost a bit more, though, at $225/month for 2Gbps and $395/month for 5Gbps. AT&T is also introducing “simple pricing” for all of its Fiber plans, which it says will eliminate equipment fees, annual contracts, data caps and 12-month price increases for new customers. Its new packages come with a free subscription to HBO Max as well as ActiveArmor, AT&T’s cybersecurity service.

These new speed tiers will be available in more than 70 metro areas, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Dallas. AT&T currently offers its fiber optic network near cities across the South, Midwest, and West of the United States, but plans to expand its service network to 30 million customers by 2025. Sambar says that locations that support multi-gig speeds will have access to both 2Gbps and 5Gbps plans.

Previously, AT&T’s fiber optic speeds ranged from 300 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Its move into multi-gig territory follows Google Fiber’s 2020 2Gbps rollout as well as Comcast’s 3Gbps offering for $299/month. AT&T offers more information about the new speeds on its site.

Update for January 24 at 1:20 p.m. ET: Updated to add a statement and additional context from Chris Sambar, AT&T’s Executive Vice President of Technology Operations.

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