57 years later, Pasco’s unsolved quadruple murder persists

It remains the second deadliest crime in Pasco, Washington history, after the shocking shooting of 1987 that killed five people in the auto body of Medina.

In this case, although it took 19 years for the second suspect to be found, both suspects were arrested.

On August 11, 1960, four people were killed in a quadruple shooting in a house at 1225 East Clark. Police were called after witnesses heard gunshots. A 13-year-old boy said he saw a man run away from the house, jump into a station wagon and walk away.

Inside the house, Israel Fowler, 38; Celeste Dixon, 37, Robbie Jean Harris, 29, and Truman H. Brown, 37.

At the time, police speculated that the gunman had “picked up” one of the women at the nearby Kingfish Club (politely described as an after-hours bar). Harris was an exotic dancer and suspected of possible prostitution. Police believed the gunman had been robbed by one of the women and returned to the house and shot at the occupants.

But no concrete lead was ever found and the case faded away. Even with the new fingerprint and DNA technology applied to the old evidence in the case, no specific suspect has ever been established.

Now, 57 years later, Pasco Police posted details of the case on their Facebook page, hoping to jog their memory or spark a new lead. This is the case of PP60-05026 Homicide.

The photo of the vehicles is from a police advertisement that attempted to describe the potential 1957 Pontiac getaway car. The other is from a follow-up article in the Tri-City Herald.

1960-era ad aired by police looking for suspicious Pontiac vehicle in murders (Pasco police)

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