10 Amazing Things to Experience in San Jose, Costa Rica

Being the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose is an amazing city. Unfortunately, as Costa Rica is renowned for its exquisite beaches, dense rainforests, and wildlife, among other notable attractions, San Jose is still generally overlooked by most travelers. Unknown to many, this beautiful city has plenty to see and do. From its cultural abundance to boasting museums, parks, restaurants and theaters, this gorgeous city has it all.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a culture junkie, or a foodie, here are the best things to experience in this paradise.

ten Visit the central market

Along with exploring museums and sightseeing, a visit to the bustling Central Market should be on every traveler’s itinerary. This wonderful place is full of shops and restaurants. Travelers can start by exploring the attractive shops and shopping for souvenirs for loved ones. With many street vendors selling appetizing delicacies, customers can sample the delicious local dishes. Moreover, travelers can taste different flavors of tasty ice creams found in this haven.

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9 Visit the National Theater

A trip to San Jose is incomplete without visiting one of its most esteemed spots, the National Theater. It is full of exquisite and elegant furnishings and remarkable marble carvings that amaze its visitors. In the past, this majestic structure was used as a central point of sale to attract wealthy customers to the metropolis and the country. In addition to exploring this theater and understanding the history of Costa Rica, travelers can spend the evening watching a show.

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8 Explore the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum

To see the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum is a must on the list of history buffs and art fanatics. It has one of the largest assemblages of gold antiquities in Latin America. Additionally, it houses over 1600 exhibits, some dating back thousands of years. Spectacular art displays are a substantial part of modern presentations. With an incredible insight into the past, these art exhibits offer its visitors an impressive landscape of pre-Columbian times. Additionally, its basement features stone and ceramic exhibits that visitors can also explore.

seven Take a Coffee Tour

For coffee lovers wondering what to do in this remarkable place, taking a coffee tour is a must. Costa Rica is recognized as one of the best coffee producers in the world. Also, it boasts of coffee as one of its most distinguished agricultural exports. During the excursion, travelers will learn about the process of making coffee and the different types of coffee. Plus, travelers will learn how coffee became its most influential agricultural export.

6 Visit the Jade Museum

San Jose is home to one of the largest collections of jade in the world. Although the exterior looks cold and gray, its interior is full of splendor. It has over 7,000 pieces of jade, making it a must visit site for jade fanatics. At this refuge, jade lovers can learn how jade relics are invented and their value to the natives of Costa Rica. In addition to learning, guests can view several worshiped stones elegantly presented.

5 Samples of local specialties

What better way to understand a city or a country than through its gastronomy? As a metropolis, San Jose is home to international and local restaurants. Whether one is an adventurous diner or not, this utopia has something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. With restaurants boasting of a cozy aura, tasty dishes and hospitality, customers can be sure to have a full stomach and a good time. In addition to dining, foodies get to know the locals and their past. For a lavish feast, visitors can enjoy a glass of luxury wine with their delicious meal.

4 Explore the Costa Rican Art Museum

The sensational Museum of Art of Costa Rica houses the best-known art collections from Costa Rica and San José. Inside and out, the glorious museum features works by some of the greatest artists from the colonial era to date. During their visit, art lovers will see statues, pictures, paintings and engravings. Outside the museum is a beautiful sculpture garden where tourists can take photos and walk around while enjoying the cool tropical climate.

3 Go on craft beer sampling

One of the intriguing things to do as beer lovers in San Jose is to partake in a craft beer tasting. A visit to the Costa Rica Beer Factory is a must for zoophiles eager to try unique beer varieties. Apart from beer tasting, the factory has a beer school where visitors can understand beer packaging and brewing. Also, local diners offer samples of the local beer alongside their delicious cuisine. The fun part of traveling is that travelers can meet and make new friends.

2 Enjoy the vibrant nightlife

Whether as a solo traveler or with a group of friends, one of the fun things to do in San Jose is experience the vibrant nightlife. Although the town boasts of several local bars and pubs just waiting to be explored, El Pueblo stands out. It is a distinct spot for night lovers and one of the best known party spots. With its rustic villa architectural appearance, the area stands out when the disco lights and music blaze. Party fans can dance the night away enjoying their drinks.

1 Visit the Museum of Innovation Technology

It is an ideal place for those who are on a family vacation. Guests learn about computer technology and what’s going on at the many companies in Silicon Valley. It inspires future generations to be more innovative. Interestingly, this museum used to be a garage. During your stay, it’s a good idea to check out the offerings of the IMAX theater.

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